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JCONLY  VETAR Needle Cartridges is created by JCONLY. We hope to make more innovation for tattoo artists. 

✱Material: medical grade PC material shell
✱The open needle header is easy to clean
✱Special rebound device
✱Large ink storage capacity, smooth ink discharge
✱The shape of the needle shell is designed according to artificial
mechanics, and the grip is comfortable, so that the tattoo artist will
not be tired after working for a long time. There are anti-skid strips
on both sides, which is very convenient when inserting and
removing needles
✱The RL needle adopts a funnel-shaped design, which improves
the ink storage and the ink flow is very uniform.
✱The magnum needles tips has a groove design on the back, its
function is to increase the ink storage function
✱The safety membrane design to prevent ink back flow can better
protect your tattoo machine
✱The inner stabilizer design of the round needle can make the
needle more stable
✱Complete sizes to meet a variety of tattoo styles
✱There is a unique JCONLY exclusive logo design on the back of
the needle shell to better distinguish other brands
✱All the needle production and assembly are carried out in the
aseptic workshop, and are packaged after disinfection and

JCONLY VETAR Cartridge Needles


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