Dragon Stencil Tattoo Transfer 150 ml Power Gel
As a result of long work, we are proud to offer you the best of the domestic transfer gel! We say Best of all, because it really is very assertive in this regard. Soon we just transfer production remover gel for this transfer to be completed. We're working on for a long time, at least as good as imported transferred gel gel transfers no longer for sale!
The greatest feature of high stability, is to distribute and transfer of paper paste. The best way to paste paper, paper slip and transfers from the skin while removing obstacles remain missing. Thus, while deletion of the transfer tattoos, dissolution, there will not be a problem as you do not. we send our customers samples, they did a very nice returns. Everyone joint review; high durability and very good adhesion to the skin of the paper. Fruit gum scent with both you and your customer, without disturbing, we provide you with a pleasant smell begin to beat.

Practice: First, clean the area thoroughly with disinfectant and allow to dry transfer will make tattoos. After a few drops of gel on the transfer of "glove" with your hand poured in to stop the crawl. You do transfer paper and paste to the skin beautifully and three, wait five seconds. gently remove the skin after carefully. Eight, ten minutes and allow to dry transfer of the gel. Absolutely do while waiting hands of the transfer, not to say anything on the client's contact with the wear or something. Once completely dry, you can start forging process.

Dragon Stencil power

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