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EZ Derm Defender is a lightweight, waterproof and easy to apply film that can be used until the tattoo heals.

Description of EZ Derm Defender - Tattoo Film 15cm x 10mt

EZ Derm Defender is a film specifically designed to help protect and accelerate the healing process of tattoo "wounds" by acting as a protective shield against abrasions and bacteria. It is a lightweight, waterproof composite bandage that allows you to swim or shower and even protect your clothes and sheets from stains and friction. In fact, it acts as a protective shield against dirt, bacteria and abrasion in order to keep your tattoo protected from any potential problem that could develop infections or delay healing.

It allows excellent breathability and flexibility to allow the skin to heal efficiently and naturally.

Features of the Derm Defender


- Gentle on the skin

-Hypoallergenic, flexible, durable, breathable, waterproof

The package contains a 15cmx10m roll


Ez Derm Defander- Protective Tattoo Film - 15cm x 10metres

kr 290,00Pris

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