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Inkjecta joins the wireless tattoo machine revolution with their Flite X1, a battery powered machine with plenty of adjustment options and full of innovative technology.
A machine with a unique design and light weight for a machine that has the power supply built-in, weighing only 144 grams.


The heart of the machine, or hearts, are the dual nano technology motors. Inkjecta is known worldwide for their reliable and smooth running motors.
The Flite X1 features two of these unique nano technology motors. One of the motors powers the machine, while the second motor is used for needle depth adjustment.


The Flite X1 is powered by a Li-Ion battery that can run continiously for up to 8 hours, with an aditional battery included in case you need to work for longer then 8 hours or forget to charge the battery.
With the X1 being wireless it gives the artist complete freedom of movement, a power supply or cable is no longer required and will not longer get in your way.


The Flite X1 features ergonomicly placed buttons which are easy to use, they allow you to adjust the tension by simply pressing the corresponding button and simultaneously tilting the machine.
You are also able to adjust the voltage directly on the machine with a ring of small LED's indicating what voltage you are on. The voltage range can be adjusted between 4.5 - 16.5 volts


When it comes to needle depth and adjustable cartridge grips the X1 has you covered. The needle depth can be adjusted using the two arrow keys on the front part of the machine.
This feature allows you to use fixed grips and therefor Flex Grips are no longer a neccesity if you wish to adjust needle depth, they can however still be used.


Inkjecta machines are known for the customization options and this machine is no exception. Pre-assembled the X1 uses the carbon needle bar but has a medium and hard needle bar included with the machine.
With these bars you are able to adjust the "give" of the machine, this will change how hard the needle hits the skin. For further customizations of the machine you are able to quickly switch the cam.
This machine features a 3.25 mm cam, different cams are available but are not included with the machine. The following cams are available by request: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 mm cam
A smaller cam means that the needle will move slower, this makes it better suited for shading and dotwork. A larger cam size means the needle moves faster, this makes it better suited for lining and colour packing.


Key Features:


Wireless tattoo machine
Ergonomicly placed buttons that are easy to use
Adjusting needle depth with a press of a button and tilting of the machine
Fully compatible with Inkjecta Flite Nano cams and needle bars
Runtime 2040mAH 18500 Li-ion battery: up to 8 hours
Charging time 2040mAH 18500 Li-Ion battery: 90 min
Runtime 900mAH 18350 Li-ion battery: up to 4 hours
charging time 900mAH 18350 Li-ion battery: 40 min
Two nano technology motors, one to power the machine one for adusting needle depth
Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia
110 g without battery
144 g with large battery
139 g with small battery


Included with the machine:


Charger with two connections.
2040mAH 18500 Li-Ion Battery
900mAH 18350 Li-Ion Battery & Spacer
Carbon Bar rigid bar (pre-assembled)
Medium torsion bar
Hard torsion bar
Padded machine case
1 disposable grip (Other grips sold seperately)
Inox MX5 lubricant
Magnetic tool
Hard-Cover Manual

delivery time 10 working days

inkjecta flite x1

kr 14 125,00Pris

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