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The Flite X1 Crossfire comes in a red Studio Edition-style box and includes everything that comes with the other Studio Edition models but it comes with a 30mm Nickel Coated Sniper Grip in place of the X1 Matte Black Ally Ergo Grip.

The Flite X1 Crossfire Studio Edition includes:

  • X1 Sniper Grip - Nickel Coated
  • 8 Port Studio Charger in place of the 2 port travel charger
  • 2 extra batteries
  • A whole bunch of extra stickers!

    The Inkjecta Flite X1 is the first truly wireless tattoo machine with single button output control and digitally adjustable needle depth. With up to 8+ hours of battery life giving you an unmatched 4.5 to 16.5 volts of pure DC power, nothing else will come close to the Flite X1. Adjust your voltage on the fly by simply tilting left or right with the X1's patented Single Button Intuitive Output Control. Time to ditch those expensive, rattly click grips! Use any cartridge grip you want thanks to the Flite X1's patented Digital Needle Depth Adjustment system, which switches up your needle depth at the push of a button.


    • Battery operated with up to 8+ hours per charge
    • Power range of 4.5 - 16.5 volts
    • Super lightweight:
      • 110 grams/3.9 ounces without battery
      • 144 grams/5.1 ounces with large battery
      • 139 grams/4.9 ounces with small battery
    • Intuitive And Ergonomic Smart onboard controls
    • Onboard digital needle depth control (0mm - 4.5mm) *Patent pending*
    • Onboard single-button voltage control *Patent Pending*
    • Multiple stroke lengths
    • Multiple give options
    • Multiple battery options
    • Multiple grip options
    • Powered by non-proprietary, incredibly cost effective batteries
    • Dual nanotechnology motors
    • Designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in Australia - even the PCB, built to military grade standard in Australia *Patent Pending*
    • Flite X1 is compatible with all Flite Nano Cams and Bars
    • delivery time 10 working days

    inkjecta flite x1 crossfire

    kr 15 200,00Pris

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