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INOX MX6 is a synthetic PAO base extreme pressure grease which uses an organo clay thickener formulated to give premium performance and food grade purity. This grease is composed entirely of ingredients which meet the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture and will not deleteriously affect meat, meat products, or any food products. INOX MX6 is a smooth light tan grease made from polyalphaolafins and a special bentone thickner. It contains additives to protect against corrosion and oxidation. INOX MX6 is safe on rubber, and is ideally suitable for all plumbing O-rings & seals, Food machinery O-rings & seals, Pneumatic control valve O-rings & seals, Diving gear O-rings & seals, anywhere rubber or synthetic O-rings and seals are used. NOX-MX6 holds the NSF, Class H1 food grade approval INOX-MX6 is a fully synthetic extreme pressure grease containing bentone, PTFE and polyalphaolafins INOX_MX6 will not melt and has excellent resistance to water washout

Inox MX6 Synthetic Grease Tube (15g)

kr 230,00Pris

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