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Once the Tattoo is finished, the aftercare is essential. The skin is still open and needs proper hygiene, as well as protection against external agents that can harm the healing process.

Ideal to apply after the tattoo, After All has an antiseptic action, cleanses and calms the skin, reduces the appearance of “redness”, prevents possible irritations. It has a calming action, stimulating healing and contributes to a faster recovery.

To ensure perfect healing, After All should be used after cleansing with Tattoo Soap, preparing and protecting the skin to receive hydration and other aftercare products.

How to Use: Apply the After All on the skin when cleaning the tattoo and dry with soft absorbent paper. No need to rinse.

Size: 110ml

Model: After All

Brand: Electric Ink

Tattoo After All – 110ml

kr 90,00Pris

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