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Sumi Easy Glow line is a complete range of 7 Sumi inks for perfect shading.

Our Sumi line starts from Sumi 1, GI, with a lower pigment concentration and Sumi 7, EMPEROR BLACK, with a higher pigment concentration.

Excellent for painting and shading. Its main characteristics are greater fluidity, high coverage and fixation power, easy cleaning and less healing time.

Try the full range of Sumi and be surprised!

GI – Sumi 1

YUU – Sumi 2

JIN – Sumi 3

REI – Sumi 4

MAKOTO – Sumi 5

MEIYO – Sumi 6


SUMI 6 INK – MEIYO Easy Glow 240ml REACH

kr 520,00Pris

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