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Tattoo Barrier Film has been developed to be used during the healing process.

It acts as a “second skin”, creating a transparent, breathable and flexible film, protecting post-tattoo sensitized skin from possible external agents that may harm the healing process.
According to their technique, the tattoo artist will guide their clients in its use, which normally happens when the body fluid expelled by the tattoo begins to dry.
It can be used anywhere on the body, except the eyes and internal mucous membranes.
Before using, it is important to clean the skin very well with the other products from the Electric Ink lines.


How to Use: On dry skin, after cleansing with the After All, apply the Barrier Film and wait for it to dry completely. To remove use warm running water.

Start using the Film during healing.

Size: 25ml

Model: Barrier Film

Brand: Electric Ink

Tattoo Barrier Film – 25ml

kr 150,00Pris

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